Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beautiful Flaw Vol.2 by Cheer Dolor

     Recently featured on the site for his work with Moteleola and Sene, Cheer Dolor is back as he presents his latest production album, Beautiful Flaw Vol.2. Cheer Dolor is as he describes, "A  20 year-old bedroom producer based out of the New York area." His production style can not be narrowed down to a specific style, in only six tracks he shows his range in production ability. 

     Sample heavy, and straying away from boom-bap beats sum up this EP quite well. Though you may encounter something new and unusual while listening to Beautiful Flaw Vol.2. That unusual encounter is that every single track on this EP sounds nothing like the others, yet simultaneously they sound completely the same! You're now probably thinking that I have no idea what I'm talking about, but let me explain what I mean; Cheer Dolor brings various rhythms and melodies to his tracks that make the overall sound change from track to track. That being said, he also uses the same theme and basis for each track that give them a layered sound resulting in an amazing listening experience. You probably still aren't sure exactly what I'm saying, and that's understandable, so just have a listen to the album and comment what YOU think of Beautiful Flaw Vol.2 below!

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