Monday, December 9, 2013

Interview with the rapper Real

     I was fortunate enough to have a "Q & A" session with hip-hop artist Real. Real is preparing for his newest album titled Be Real which is scheduled to release on December 17th. Real is not only an artist, but he's a full time collegiate athlete and is published author. Real has big dreams and ambitions, and is a very intelligent and driven young man who will make sure that all of his dreams and ambitions come to fruition. Be Real will be a coming out party for the young artist. This release will open you up to many different variations of rap, all in one album. The versatility in his lyrics are nothing to sneeze at and his upcoming album is one that you won't want to miss. That being said, here is the interview I had with Real and hopefully this gives you a glimpse into who he really is and at the same time gets you pumped for his album!

Q) Introduce yourself
 Matt G aka Real
Durham, NC (919)
 Q) Tell me about your upcoming debut release, Be Real:
 Be Real is an 8-track journey through the mind of a 20 year old college student-athlete transitioning into adulthood.  Emotionally, I’ve been through many ups and downs trying to make this release as successful as possible.  I’ve surrounded myself around people who have given me nothing but honest feedback and have pushed me to be better.  I want this album to really show my
growth as an artist and to show people that I’m one of the best young artists there is. 

 Q) How long did this album take to make, and what all went into turning the dream of having an album, into a realization?
 I’ve been in the process of making this album conceptually since June of this year.  I started recording songs for the album late August.  I had a few records I gave away to fans in my mailing list late September.  The reception was so great that I decided to put together a whole other project for people to enjoy.  The guest features on the album also motivated me and took my album to another level.  Mid October a lot of my visions for the album became reality and from there I started preparing for the direction in which I wanted the album to go in.  I have a lot of great songs recorded that won’t make it on to the album because I want every song to mesh well together and serve a definitive purpose. 
 Q) What do you hope to accomplish with this album?
 I hope to solidify my standing as one of the best all around artist in Durham.  I also want to prove to people that I’m really serious about my craft and hate or love it I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.  I also hope to expand and gain new fans.  Its all a process for me I want this project to open a lot
 of eyes and new opportunities for myself and others.
 Q) What type of rapper would you consider yourself?
 I would consider myself a rapper that is very much honest.  I try and incorporate my real life into my music as much as possible.  I want listeners to be able to relate my life through my songs. 
 Q) Musically what are your strengths?
 I’d say my west coast influenced flow and the rhythm I’m able to add to my songs.  I would also say my honesty and my ability to work well with different styles of production.  Also my ability to be different and say things in an unconventional manner or say things that don’t immediately hit you but after a few listens you realize the meaning of a certain line its something I do to reward true listeners of music.
 Q) Tell me a little about your published book: How does you being an author help your musical career?
 The Last PoetSociety is the title.  It’s probably my greatest accomplishment thus far in life.  A lot of people are successful in sports or have released mix tapes but no one that I know of can say that at the age of 18 they got a book of their work published and distributed across the country.  I feel that I can go into any situation and the fact that I have my own book is considered a major accomplishment.  Musically, the book has helped because I have something rare that I can pitch to music execs or people who want to invest in my music.  Being an author, has given me leverage and shows people I’m more than just a stereotypical rapper but that when I say I want to be a leader in my community and use my voice for change that I really mean it.  The Last Poet Soci
ety has proven that to people.  I feel that anything is possible it just takes a plan and a will to execute that plan. 
 Q) Your also a collegiate basketball player, how hard is it balancing things in your life to have time to create an album?
 Sometimes it’s tough.  In addition to playing basketball I also have a tough academic schedule.  I mainly work in the studio on the weekends and some nights during the week I sacrifice a great deal of sleep.  I can have a class at 8 a.m. but I’ll stay up until 2 or 3 finishing a verse making this album a success is that important to me. 
 Q) What all do you plan to have accomplished by this time next year?
 By this time next year I want to have a few more projects released and I want to continue to expand and push the envelope on what’s considered acceptable musically.  This time next year I want to be considered as a top artist in my city and for my talent to be universally accepted. 
 Q) Where will people be able to get this album and how can people find out more about you?
 People will be able to get the album on hotnewhiphop as well as audiomack.  People can follow me on Twitter: @RealTheRapper
Facebook: RealTheRapper Soundcloud: TopSpotEnt.  For booking and other inquiries contact
Q) Anything else you'd like to say to the readers to give them a better insight on who you are?
 I would like to say that I’m ready for everyone to listen to this album.  My team and me have put in a great deal of time making the listening experience worthwhile.  Also just want to thank all of the people who have supported me and been in my corner from day one.  Thanks. 

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