Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Watermelon by Mario Dones

    The smooth flowing Mario Dones has bestowed the true hip-hop lovers with a great debut album that signifies his potential in the indie hip-hop world! Released on November 5th, Black Watermelon brings us a variety of styles that all lead to the belief and hope for more great future projects from Dones.

    As far as beats go, these were ideal for the images revealed through Mario's lyrics. Dones did an excellent job at matching his energy and tone with the tempo and ambiance of the beat. Black Watermelon showcases some new faces on production and the theme presented throughout the album stays relatively the same which is refreshing to hear on an artists debut album. A lot of artists will get an array of producers, and that's not the problem; the problem is that usually all the producers have distinct styles that cause the album progression not to flow, so much kudos to Dones for having producers all on the same page.

    Dones is not the type of lyricist that will blow you away with insanely clever punchlines, nor will he bore you with cliche' rapper lyrics about sex, drugs and money. Something you may notice is that he just pours his feelings out and it creates for a really commendable listen. He tells his life story and how he moved from city to city taking in many influences from all over the country. This being said he is not one of those over emotional emcees either. He has some songs that are really strong in energy and lyrics and they get you pumped while others are laid back and sound like music you would listen to while riding the city train or bus as you glance out the window. Dones proved to have a mature understanding of what a true indie hip-hop album should sound like. Not sure that was what he wanted to convey, but I definitely felt the indie vibe and honestly it works, so lets hope he brings similar sounds to future projects/

    When it's all said and done, Black Watermelon can be summed up by taking classic 90's hip-hop style beats and adding a current, fresh and smooth spitting emcee to drop knowledge to all listeners. This album is really for those who can appreciate hip-hop at it's finest. Do I think Dones will be the next big thing in the music industry? Not quite, but I do believe that he can be one of the faces of underground rap in the future? Yes I do. As long as Mario Dones continues to progress in his craft I truly do think he could have a nice, long career in the music industry. Keep doing you Dones and continue to make great music!

*Purchase the debut album from Mario Dones titled Black Watermelon here!

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