Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Opposite of Sex by The Other Guys

    My personal favorite indie-hip hop group, The Other Guys, are back with another amazing EP, and much like the previous mixtapes, this release shows exponential progress and is in my opinion their best release to date. Consisting of cousins Joe and Isaiah this dynamic duo continues to be one of the genres best kept secrets. On this album you see features by Mello Music Group artists yU, and Substantial along with a feature from Naturel. The thing I love about The Other Guys is that all of their mixtapes are similar yet nothing alike. From the beats to the lyrics I believe that The Opposite of Sex consists some of the groups strongest material to date.

    When are the beats ever bad on an Other Guys album? In fact the beats are so well relished that the two prior releases by The Other Guys have been instrumentals with one or two tracks with lyrics thrown in the mix. Mighty Joe is vocally unheard on the mixtapes, but that thing we listeners call a beat that keep our heads nodding, is all thanks to Isaiah. Not to take away from what Isaiah does behind the scenes, but from the first song I ever heard of this duo, it was the way these unique samples were incorporated into elaborate masterpieces that stood out to me. The Opposite of Sex beat wise, is as consistent as ever. 

    The beats are great on this seven track EP, but what truly stands out to me, is the advancements in flow by the groups emcee, Isaiah "Insanate" Mensah. When it comes to pure lyrics Isaiah is as solid as ever, but I'm sure many can attest to this when I say that his flow was always sub par. Isaiah used this album to shut me up, and fast. He did this specifically on the track, K.M.B, where he has this raw passion and fire to his voice that keeps me coming back to that specific song. Improvement is still needed, but when an artist shows as much progression as Isaiah has since the groups first EP in late twenty-eleven,  you can do nothing but commend him because when The Other Guys decide to release a full-length album you can expect the beats to be on point, and Isaiah "Insanate" Mensah to be top notch lyrically and I'd bet A LOT of money on that statement.

    In short, this EP is the best music you'll get for free this fall. The beats are amazing, the vocals are great, this is just a great project. I can't neglect to mention that the DMV legend Substantial put his executive producer stamp on this EP, and maybe that's the extra spice that gives The Opposite of Sex that edge over past projects by The Other Guys. I really hope that the next time I hear new music by this duo, that it's gearing up for their debut full-length album. These guys have paid their dues and given the public hours of free music, and that really substantiates the character of these guys. Go get this EP ASAP.

*Download The Opposite of Sex EP here

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