Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mini Reviews #3

Like, the new album by Darius Newman is a stylish, pop album that you can hear the influences from many artists of many genres throughout the entire album. This album is something new, and unique that you will not regret paying for.

Track Listing:
1. Rock & Roll
2. One Moment
3. Superhuman
4. Cavity
5. Mystery
6. Smile Monday
7. Lonely Girl
8. Be Loved
9. Like
10. Your Love
11. Love Angel
*Purchase this album on Itunes here & visit

The Tennessee rapper Stephen Jetton a.k.a Eazy Steve released his first  studio album "Simply Steve". This 12 track album speaks on the artist's life from lighter issues of cool and simple music
to more serious issues like wanting to drop out of school and the loss of his grandfather.

*Download this album for free on bandcamp here

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