Monday, July 22, 2013

Trapped in the 90's by Madison Jay

    Remember Bad Boy Records? Madison Jay would have fit in perfectly there, especially after his July 4th release, Trapped in the 90's.  Raleigh, North Carolina native, Madison Jay, is an artist with a smooth flow, catchy lyrics, and he is someone that should be on every ones radar. In, Trapped in the 90's, Madison Jay retouches, and revamps some 90's classics while adding his own personal style to it. He lets some of the older Hip-Hop heads remember the glory days, while also letting the new school guys learn the roots of hip-hop.
    Madison Jay has a great flow on every track of this album. At times he gets pretty lyrical while he does talk about the typical rapper stuff (money,women,weed) he does it in a catchy way that will have you really liking this album. The first thing I noticed about Madison Jay lyrically, was that he has the perfect blend of underground rap, and mainstream rap lyrics, which is a new and refreshing trait to me. You can hear that Jay really loves what he does, he raps so fluently and his voice sounds pure on every track no matter the subject of his raps.  Lyrically my favorite track is "The Finer Things" the track itself is just so smooth and just adds on to an already nice album.
    The beats and production on Trapped in the 90's is very solid. You can hear that a lot of time was put into making the sound pure, and real. None of the beats on this album are extraordinary, but they all are very solid which is the theme for this album. When you listen to the beats you notice that each track is consistent in the way it's presented: not too flashy, but not too raw. Trapped in the 90's is a mix album, meaning that a lot of different styles were mixed together and for the most part it came out nice.
    Madison Jay won me over with Trapped in the 90's and with one listen, I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Mixtape of the year? Not quite, but definitely a great summer mixtape. The lyrics are on point, and the beats compliment the flow ever so nicely. My biggest downfall for the album was that he did speak on the common rapper things, but Madison Jay is much more than that, so it evened out. I would recommend this album to anyone who still thinks that old-school hip-hop is real music. They will be glad to see that the new generation of rappers isn't all bad.

*Download Trapped in the 90's for free here

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