Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Blackboard EP by Supastition

    After his hiatus from the music business in 2010, the emcee from Charlotte, North Carolina is back with his January release of The Blackboard EP. Prior to this album I had only heard Supastition on 2 tracks ever, so when I got the album I was very excited to hear what Supa is all about. I now know that Supa is about dope music, plain and simple.

    The production on this album is as good as any. None of the beats are extremely good, but they all have that down south, boom-bap essence to them. There really isn't one bad beat on this 10 track album, we even hear a track produced by one of my personal favorites, M-Phazes.

    On those 2 tracks that Supa was featured on, he absolutely killed it. Hearing him on tracks with no feature is really cool because I found something really unique with Supastition: the melody of the beat is in his voice. By that I mean you can hear the beat in the way he raps, so even if there wasn't a beat behind the vocals, you would still be nodding to it because he has that ability. I've heard a few rappers who have this rare quality, but none to the degree of Supastition and it makes for a very good listen. Supa's lyrics are still spot on, never rhyming about cliche' things, but only what's real to him. Like on the track "Perfect World" he doesn't stray off topic once, simply stating what his perfect world would be. Supa isn't really the hard spitting guy anymore, I went back and listened to his older stuff and you can tell he has really matured with his lyrics, and he sounds more conscious with his rhymes, especially on the song "Expectations." To show a change in his lyrics consider this, on his 2002 debut album, 7 Years of Bad Luck, on the track "Live Like Dat" he said "Man I love seeing lesbians but hate seeing guys"  and on the song "Expectations" from The Blackboard EP he stated, "I'm not impressed with you in a flick kissing your girl pretending to be lesbian." That is just one example but The Blackboard EP is definitely more conscious rap.

    In all I think the album is very good, and I'm sure glad Supa is back. I honestly like this body of work more so than his others because it shows growth, not only as a rapper but as a human being, and that's an underrated quality in artist these days. So do yourself a favor and pick up The Blackboard EP.

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