Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Professing Vol.1 by C.Shreve The Professor

    It's albums like Professing Vol.1 that get me pumped every time I check  my inbox for album submissions. From start to finish this album was DOPE! C.Shreve is an artist who is based in North Carolina, and is the founder of the Free the Optimus collective. Don't let his appearance fool you, this guy can rap with a crazy flow and his raspy voice is very catchy. C.Shreve is not your typical 16 bars hook rapper, he just gets on the beat and kills it!

    Proffessing Vol.1 is an album that is put together very well. You can tell just by listening to 1 track, that C.Shreve is about quality and consistency in his music. This album truly exceeded my expectations, though within the 17 track album, no song is extremely better than the others, it's just an album with 17 very solid tracks.  My favorite track on this album is "Keep It Movin" featuring Phlo Deli, and I like it because it's a funky, 90's style beat that C.Shreve absolutely kills. Also the feature by Phlo Deli was nice, he brought a very smooth vibe to the song. I have to give props to C.Shreve on all of the feature selections for this album. I hadn't heard of any of the artist featured prior to this album, but all of the features brought really good, and new dimensions to the track. I was surprised by how good these guys actually were, so I will definitely be looking those guys up.

    Another thing I noticed on this album is the tone used by C.Shreve. It's a very, honest and in your face tone, and truthfully, I love it. The only thing about his tone, was that on 1 or 2 songs, the tone used didn't match the beat for the song and like I said it was only 1 or 2 tracks so it didn't hurt the album that much. That being said I was a big, big fan of this album and am now a new fan of C.Shreve himself. I really hope everyone can check this album out and let me know what you think of it!

*Download Professing Vol.1 Here


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  1. right on! c. shreve is killer, man. great album, and also great body of work in general.



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