Wednesday, January 16, 2013

G.O.N.E by Xc

Great Ones Never Expire. That is the acronym for the album G.O.N.E by Xc that dropped in May of 2012 . I found out about Xc through the blogs twitter account, he tweeted me saying I should check out his music, I can say that clicking on the link he sent me may have been one of my best decisions I've made in a long time! First off I don't know what it is about the album cover, but I love it, so that got me excited to listen to it, then the fact that I was able to connect with this guy within the first week of having the blog makes me that much more pumped about the future! Now back to Xc, my first thought after listening to album was that he is a lyrical genius! If this album didn't come with a lyric sheet for the songs, I don't think anyone would even know what he is talking about, its that sick! I feel like if Xc were to be compared to an NBA player in terms of potential, it would be someone like Kobe coming out of high school, maybe not the first pick but in the end he will be in the hall of fame! On the album G.O.N.E you hear true talent, the beats are on point for every song, and the lyrics are just unbelievable. In the song "Live From The Bottom" Xc describes 3 different people in 3 different situations and he paints a picture with his words that make it seem like you know the characters personally that he is rapping about. In the song "Gone" you see a more easy going side of Xc while he spits dope lyrics on a great beat. This just goes to show the diversity of him and the diversity of the album. Xc wanted me to let everyone know that the whole album was made, written, and recorded in a six week span, and the purpose of the album was to make something you could really feel. In the end I think everyone needs to download this album, this guy is going to the top, and he's going fast! I'm just glad I am now able to say that I am a fan along for the journey of Xc! Tanks for the dope music!

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  1. Great review!! I personally love this album been listening for a year now and still love it. Highly recommend everyone downloads it



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