Friday, July 31, 2015

Headphone Diaries by P.SO The Earthtone King

When it comes to style, uniqueness, and charisma in the hip-hop industry, rapper P.SO The Earthtone King immediately comes to mind. For starters, his lengthy name is one of a kind, and his music is something indigenous to him. Additionally, he has a certain aura to him that has made his music both captivating and entertaining. He's no rookie to the game, and his latest single "Headphone Diaries" is a testament to just that. Production for this single comes to his long time partners, 2 Hungry Bros, and they seem to be in great synchronization as this track is a great blend of swift flows, strong lyrics, and a one solid beat infused with an array of sounds and styles. This is the first single of P.So's forthcoming project dubbed Feast of Legend, so be sure to check out the single and comment your thoughts below!

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