Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3 June Releases Worthy of Your Ears

Everyday more and more music, both good and bad, floods the internet. The bulk of that music is hip-hop, and that is due in large part to how easy it is for any average Joe to write a few rhymes, find a beat, and post it on the web. This "ease" has diluted the genre, and in some ways it has caused questioning of the legitimacy of the industry. Though, in the midst of the many releases pouring onto streaming sites, the real, true, and genuine artists remain and prevail with their quality hip-hop albums that are the rhymer's labor of love. That being said, it's time to shed light on three high-caliber projects released in the month of June, so check out the albums listed, and be sure to comment your thoughts below!

Clockwork by Tone Liv & DJ Priority

The talented emcee Tone Liv teams up with the exceptional beatsmith DJ Priority in this old-school sounding hip-hop hit. Clockwork is filled with smooth rhymes and great production throughout, and presents a lengthy, yet smooth listening experience. The charisma between the two artists is one of the main reasons the one-rapper one-producer albums are some of the best around. Going along with that, Tone Liv's veteran lyricism and delivery blending with Priority's hard-hitting and fluid beats will have hip-hop heads from earlier generations in a time-warp frenzy, as Clockwork sounds like something straight outta' the 90s. There isn't much wrong with this album at all, other than how underrated it is.

The Grilchy Era by MarQ Spekt

The grilchy, grimey, and in your face rapper MarQ Spekt is back with his latest release, The Grilchy Era. This project is laced with wonderful flows and rhymes, in addition to some head-nod inducing beats from a variety of producers. Spekt is no stranger to the rap game, and he makes that very clear to listeners as he displays his heavy flow and immersing tone, as the beat simply rides out in the background. In terms of subject matter, Spekt is all over the place, though, he is by no means your everyday rapper, for his unique style and sound radiates throughout the entire duration of this very diverting listen. Note: MarQ Spekt may or may not say, "I'll drop-kick your children" on this album. Disclaimer: He does.

The Mos-Common by Timaal Bradford

Mississippi native Timaal Bradford may not be a familiar name in the hip-hop industry, but his June 12th release, The Mos-Common (an ode to Mos Def and Common) may change that. Although this is only a six-track EP, Bradford's natural skill and talent shines through on each and every track, making for an extremely pleasant listening experience. Although Bradford shows exceptional maturity and potential, he still has ways to go before he can top the underground hip-hop charts. Otherwise, the up-tempo yet mellow beats and sharp lyricism make The Mos-Common a very strong release that not only gives listeners a fresh new artist to rave about, but also gives them some quality tunes that are of course, worthy of your ears. 

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