Thursday, March 12, 2015

Artillery by Mega Ran & Storyville

With their new album Soul Veggies out and debuting at #47 on the Billboard Indie Charts, rhymers Mega Ran and Storyville now present a fresh new visual for their single, "Artillery" which features a smooth and polished beat from Small Pro. In terms of the vocal content, both Mega Ran and Storyville return to their battle-rap roots as they bring sharp metaphors and clever wordplay that go hand-in-hand with the subtle yet noticeable aggression and passion within their voice. This track/video also earns bonus points from me personally, for referencing my favorite movie series, Back to the Future, in the track, and for showing a DeLorean in the video. If that doesn't get you excited about a song, then I'm not sure what will. Give this video a play and comment your thoughts!

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