Thursday, March 12, 2015

Album Details: Living Daylights by James Gardin

At last year's end, it was Michigan native, James Gardin who found himself on The Under-Cover Album Review's "5 Most Underrated Albums of 2014" with his project, Moleskines and Pocket Squares. With that said, more details on his forthcoming album have recently been released, and this time around, Gardin is looking to make even more end-of-the year lists, while not flying too far under the radar. 

Gardin is a very talented and versatile artist who puts a lot of passion and heart into his lyrics. His songs motivate, empower, inform and entertain, and with qualities such as those, his upcoming project should resonate with everyone! Below, are some details on the album which is titled Living Daylights and is entirely produced by Kuroioto. Check it out and comment your thoughts below!

Release Date: March 31st

Track Listing
1. Problems
2. Shine (feat. Stanley Johnson)
3. No One
4. Gold
5. City Limits (feat. L05)
6. Feels Like
7. Freedom (feat. Sareem Poems & Redpill)
8. Good Bad (feat. Rafael)

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