Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When I Write (Video) by K-Hill & Debonair P

Here at The Under-Cover Album Review, we strive to be platform for talented up and coming artists that are looking to be heard. In fact, one of our main focal points was to get more fresh faces featured on the site, and so far, we've introduced a heft number of new artists. Adding to that list, are K-Hill & Debonair P, with the latest visual for their single "When I Write" which was featured on the two's collaborative EP titled, Truck Jewels & Filters

As mentioned above, there have been a good amount of artists making their site debut, but it would be no stretch to say that this duo has one of the best website debut tracks possibly in the site's short two year existence! Representing my home state is the emcee K-Hill, and his rhymes are deadly all throughout this track. His metaphors are sharp, flow is as good as any, and overall, he's just a damn good emcee. Now, combine that with the gritty 90's style beat laid down by Australian producer Debonair P, and let the hip-hop goodness flood your ears. This is a really awesome track, a cool video, and most importantly, two new names that readers can expect to hear more from. Give this video a play and comment your thoughts!

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