Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All Is Grace by Imperial feat Joshua Luke Smith

I've been covering the UK hip-hop producer Imperial for some time now, in fact it's been about two years that I've covered his works on various sites, and while I wasn't infatuated with him at first, he has done nothing but make incredible beats, and his latest single "All Is Grace" is no exception. For starters, Imperial kicks the track off with some of the jazziest trumpets ever laid down on a hip-hop track, from that moment on, listeners should be hooked. The remainder of the beat is a smooth, serene, head-nod inducing beat that gives UK rhymer Joshua Luke Smith the perfect canvas to drop some skillful and thought provoking  lyrics. As if that weren't enough, this track is also laced with a soulful and catchy hook that will be ringing in the head's of listeners for quite some time. This is an awesome and powerful release, so give it a listen and comment your thoughts!

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