Friday, November 7, 2014

A Gamer's Anthem by The Regiment & Random

     Those who frequently  check the site may have noticed a plethora of posts regarding hip-hop duo The Regiment and producer/emcee Random. All of their recent releases were leading up to the artist's newest combined effort, A Gamer's Anthem, which is an EP that contains six original tracks and is the latest album from the indie hip-hop label, HiPNOTT Records. While this album is an ode to gamer's everywhere, it is still a project that just may resonate with all hip-hop listeners alike. 

     The Regiment is a Detroit-based hip-hop duo comprised of OSI and IseQold. The group's style is diverse, yet versatile. On this album specifically, their lyrical work was above par. There are some catchy lyrics, story-telling lyrics, and of course, gaming lyrics. No matter the subject, the lyrics remain thematic, and stay within the realm of that specific track's idea. Also putting in vocals on the album is Random aka MegaRan. He is a do-it-all artist that has a very intriguing flow. The collaboration from the two worked really well from a lyrical aspect, as this album really has a little something for everyone.

     One of the best tracks on the album is "Bloodstream" simply because it has a catchy beat, solid lyrics, and a relatable story. That relatable feeling is present throughout the entire project, and I feel as if making engaging music is a bit of a lost art in today's industry, so kudos to The Regiment and Random for for that.

     While the lyrics were on point, the beats were a tad eccentric. This is not to be taken as a negative comment, rather a disclaimer to the listeners. While the lyrics seem to be very versatile in terms of who may enjoy them, the beats are a spaced out, and a bit futuristic, so this style may not resonate with everyone.

    That being said, there a minor flaws with this EP and it deserves a listen from all fans of hip-hop; especially those who game! As stated previously, there is a bit of irregularity to the production sound, but nothing that will sway listeners one way or another. This is a solid release, and for only having six tracks, it is very versatile. Check out A Gamer's Anthem and comment what you think!

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