Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Whatever by P.A.T Junior feat. Jeremiah Bligen and Church

The last time P.A.T Junior was featured on the site, it was for his hard-hitting single "Hard Times Equal Motivation" this time 'round he's featured for his latest single titled "Whatever" which features Jeremiah Bligen and Church. The beat to this track is a somewhat trap-style instrumental produced by Eons D, however, the message relayed from the rhymers is anything but. The three emcees speak on life's battles, trials, and tribulations in their own lives and the track actually has a very powerful meaning. P.A.T Junior has now released two very strong singles that will both be featured on his upcoming project, Nystagmus, and by the looks of it, this album is shaping up to be one of the better tapes of the year! Let's hope P.A.T can deliver with these high expectations. In the mean time, check out the single and comment your thoughts below!

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