Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Step by Diamond District

     THEY'RE BACK! Yes, it's true, the triple entente known as Diamond District is finally back putting out more music! The group consist of three DMV legends who have all made some amazing albums since the last time a full-length project was put out by Diamond District. Those three artists are Uptown XO, yU, and the legend himself, Oddisee. All three of these guys are amazing individually, but together, they're like The Avengers of hip-hop sent from the Gods to give the world great music. They're upcoming project is titled March On Washington and recently the first single off the album was released.

     The single is "First Step" and it's production is from Oddisee himself. The tempo is great, and the second XO's voice comes on the track as the first verse, you just know something amazing is about to happen...and it does! All three of the rhymers drop great verses on top of a crazy head-nod inducing beat that includes some extremely professional; and high quality cuts throughout the track. This is a great start to the potential album of the year, and everyone MUST listen to this, and comment their thoughts below!

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