Thursday, May 1, 2014

Efficiency by Gramattyk

     While being a full-time student at the University of Missouri, rapper Gramattyk has found enough time to squeeze in a full length album somewhere in the mix. The album is Efficiency, and it released on April 30th. Gramattyk has been building up quite the resume of late, and this first official project from him should take him to the next level. 

     The album has a decent level of versatility in terms of the lyrics. This eleven track project has songs fit for all fans of hip-hop. He speaks on his life and on certain verses, he'll give a glimpse into his upbringing without giving away too much. Gramattyk also isn't afraid to speak on his religious views, in fact he has an entire song dedicated to them in the track "Blessed." 

     Gramattyk's style is a bit of an amalgam, and by that I mean that he can rap about a cliche' topic such as having a good time, and do it in a way that will resonate with fans of the old school sound, all while providing the new school vibe. It's really quite interesting and creates a very entertaining listen.

     From a lyrical standpoint, Efficiency is fairly substantial and gets the job done. In terms of the production, Efficiency is one of the few albums where the production is second hand to the rhymes. Not to say that the production is poor, but that the beats compliment Gramattyk rather than the artist complimenting the beats. In hip-hop, the production is the backbone to just about every successful album, though Efficiency seems to be the rare exception. This speaks odes to Gramattyk, however, he doesn't seem to do anything too unconventional or erratic. He simply created an album with the "flows first" mentality and it worked.

     That being said, this could possibly be attested to the host of producers credited on the album. Eleven songs, and only three different producers were credited with more than one track on the album. The rest of the songs came from various producers that contributed to the album. Having an assortment of producers can be a double edged sword; it can show the versatility of the emcee, but can also sound confusing and disjointed. As well as Gramattyk did with the host of producers, it would be easier to understand his true sound better if he had production from one or two producers. 

     In all, this release is more than satisfying. Gramattyk doesn't have all the flare and style that many commercial artists have, but a poor man's Kid Cudi would be an acceptable comparison. Gramattyk won't be winning any awards with this project, but it may reach some people and really connect with them. Gramattyk is the young up and coming artist people should want to support because it's good hip-hop that actually makes sense! Check out the album and comment blow!

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