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Artist Spotlight: Cheer Dolor

The Hip-Hop scene is filled with young artists all itching to be heard. These young artists must find their niche and make music that is not only true to themselves, but also separates them from others. One of the artists who has a one of a kind sound is rapper/producer Cheer Dolor. CD has been featured on the site prior to this interview, and I can't get enough of his sound. He doesn't pay much attention to whats "in" he simply makes music that is rich in quality and style. I hope you take a minute to read the interview I had with Cheer Dolor as he gives us a glimpse into his world, and lets us in on exclusive information that can only be found when you look past the initial surface that is his music. Let me know what you think of Cheer and this interview by commenting below. Thank you Cheer Dolor for taking the time to answer these questions and I can't wait to work with you in the future!

First off, please introduce yourself. 
 Well my name is Rafael Morales, I’m 21 and currently living in NJ. I go by the name of Cheer Dolor and been staying at my grandparents house isolated from the world so I can create emotions through a computer.
Where did you get the name Cheer Dolor?
While I was in the process of learning how to produce I figured out a little more about myself. I realized that my music is never in between. Its either slow and gloomy or upbeat with lots of percussion and satisfying vibes. From there I did my research and found two words that contradicted themselves, fit my character perfectly, and rolls off the tongue really well when its pronounced correctly lol. Most people don’t know that the word “Dolor” comes from the spanish language so they tend to say it funny but its quite entertaining hearing it said in many different ways.
You rap and produce, which one did you get into first?
Rapping was something I was always interested at first. Grew up listening to rappers like 50 cent, ludacris, jadakiss and etc. They were heavily played when I was living in VA at the time. Soon enough one day I stared into my mirror and just started to play the role of a rapper. Spitting tough corny rhymes to myself as if I was the best only grew my confidence up every time I would do it hah! I give thanks to my cousin(GDWRKS) though for showing me the ropes to production when I was around 17 years old but quit due to lack of motivation and just stuck with rapping instead cause felt like I was better off doing that anyways. Got back into production around the begging of 2013 and haven't stopped since.
Do you enjoy rapping or making beats more?
 Its hard to figure out which I love doing more because I always bounce back and fourth. It depends on which I feel more comfortable with expressing myself. With rapping I can be very specific and mention things that people can relate to but with producing I can transfer a feeling through sounds that no word could describe. I’m just grateful that I have the ability to express myself through which ever creative outlet I please with no restrictions.
Who are some of your influences when making music? Do your influences differ from when you're producing or rapping?
The only artists I really get influenced by are producers. J Dilla and Nujabes are the only main ones I stay on top of. I do pay mind to more producers but none of them capture me as much as dilla and nujabes did. I relate to their music on an emotional level and I haven’t felt that way with any others. I just listen to whoever catches my attention on soundcloud when I feel like hearing something new. I barely tune into rap and hardly keep up with the hip hop scene now a days. I’m heavily into old school hip hop but don’t listen to it on the daily basis. I don't like to stick around a certain sound for awhile because I start to unknowingly carry their style and begin to hear it when i’m recording at times.
Cheer Dolor’s avatarA lot of your instrumentals aren't necessarily beats people would rap over as they tell their own story. Is this intentional?
Yes, Thats my goal. If my music doesn't give you an image or change your mood then I personally feel like I have failed as an artist. I treat my music as if a painter would treat his canvas.
Tell me a little about your last project Beautiful Flaw Vol.2
With Beautiful Flaw Vol.2 I wanted to show the fans my progression from the first Vol. but still keep that signature style. I was going through my experimental stage with the first album so with trial and error I figured out what needed to stay and what need to go. With that knowledge I created something more listener friendly and have seemed to capture audiences that don’t even listen to instrumentals. This album has opened new doors for me and couldn't have done it if it wasn't for my family and friends supporting me. 
To date, what is your biggest musical accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment would be when I traveled to California. I met a lot of major artists and A&R’s during the month I spent there. Got to learn the ins and out about the industry. Sharing contacts and staying in good terms with everyone has gave me tons of opportunities when I move out there to start school at the music institute in Hollywood. Also collaborating with other artists help me expand my sound and challenge myself to do something new. I’m still progressing so my accomplishments will only get greater from here on out.
What's one element that your music has, that is exclusive to Cheer Dolor?
I’m proud to say that Cheer Dolor knows how to capture you. Once you press play your in for an experience. I bring something you just can’t listen through once and set it aside. My music has longevity and I plan on keeping it that way. I’m not out here to make a quick hit and continue the cycle until I burn out and be forgotten.
Where can people hear your music and stay up to date with you? 
To stay updated with everything and to know whats coming up next  you can follow me on twitter @CheerDolor, Tumblr, Facebook Cheer Dolor , and if anyone would like to send me material or is interested in collabing can contact me through email at
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Would like to say that While I was answering these questions I started to realize a lot more about myself and what kind of artist I am. From who I listen to, to what kind of character my music has. Glad to know that I can still learn new things about myself and know that people out there are listening. I can only grow more from here and I can only hope that my fan base grows with me. Thank You for taking the time and interviewing me.

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