Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pocket Full of Ohms by Allen Poe

     Allen Poe brings us his latest solo album Pocket Full of Ohms by way of Poe is 1/3 of the Kentucky Hip-Hop group Basement Up. His group is featured on two of the thirteen original tracks on the album. The production is from variety of producers, though the album still sounds allied in its sound. Also on the track is artist yU along with Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan). This album does feature quite a few artists, in fact only five songs (not counting the intro) have no feature artist. Having a lot of features always seems to be a double edged sword in the sense that other artists can add similar dimensions to a track or album, while at times it can be overwhelming if there are too many additional emcees.

     As stated previously, this album includes a long list of producers, twelve to be exact. At times this can cause an album not to flow or blend well, but Poe did a good job at using compatible beats. However, for future full length projects by Poe, using one or two producers could cause for a more in-sync listening experience.

     Allen stated that this album portrays his coming of age during the time of what many considered Hip-Hop's golden age (90's) and how Hip-Hop influenced him not as an artist, but as a man. These reminiscences can be heard throughout the album as Allen really does a great job at giving the listeners a glimpse into his life. You can tell that the writing process behind these songs took more than just thinking of words that rhymed, you can clearly see that he had to dig into himself to rap on topics that I'm sure were hard for him to rap about.

     In conclusion, Pocket Full of Ohms may not be the album of the year, but it is a great listen. This doesn't push Allen Poe into the next level of being an emcee, but it does however get him a lot closer. On or two more solid releases like this and he could really begin to generate some buzz. Check out this album and let me know what you think by commenting below, and stay tuned for more news and updates on Allen Poe!

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