Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best Of: Artist Merchandise Catalog

Everyone wants to support their favorite artist, simple as that. Though some fans (like myself) want something more tangible. I think having merchandise available for the public is a must, weather sales are being made or not, it gets your name out there, and if you have the right design, people will be intrigued. Below are some artists that have been featured on the site, that have GREAT merchandise available for online purchase. If you are an artist, and have merchandise please comment a link to your merch and I can add it to this list. I hope that many of the readers decide to purchase some of these great products!

Higgins, as some of you may know, is the 2013 UCARB Artist of the Year. He is an extremely gifted emcee that has a bright future ahead of him. That being said he also has hoodies for sale, beanies are also available for purchase. Both designs are great and Andy wants to let everyone know that 100% of the proceeds will go towards funding future projects. You definitely want to grab these great products!

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Driven Only Under God's Hands. The acronym that makes this energetic, and charismatic rappers name. D.O.U.G.H is a Nashville native, and has a large growing fan base. One listen of his music and you'll understand why. He is a lyrical genius and he is an artist you want to see succeed. Recently he launched his clothing line featuring his "DOUGHFACE" design. He has shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts for really great prices. He even sells physical copies of his latest EP (which I reviewed here). D.O.U.G.H is set to be your next favorite artist, so why not show support and purchase some great apparel.

*Purchase these great products here

Madison Jay

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Madison Jay is an artist that has been featured on the site. The main reason we keep bringing him back for interviews and reviews, is simply because he's dope! He's an artist that just needs that support and strong fan base to help him get to the next step. His music speaks for itself and and the best way to show your support for an up and coming artist is to get their music, and their merchandise. Madsion Jay has "COUNTY!" shirts available in literally any color you can think of. I have my very own COUNTY! shirt, and I love it. Jay does not currently have a site available, so to order a shirt simply e-mail at and let him know what you'd like. It's 100% safe so rest assured. Now send this man an e-mail and get you a shirt!  
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Yamin Semali

Yamin Semali recently released an amazing mixtape in Senior Dues Vol. 2. Semali could very well be one of the best emcees in the Indie Hip-Hop genre. From lyrics to production, to mastering and more, Semali delivers his very best on every track. If there's one thing holding Semali back, it's definitely not his lyrical skill. If you've heard Yamin Semali than you're more than likely a fan of him. Semali has shirts, and 7' vinyls available on his site. There are sure to be more designs soon, untill then help get this amazing artist to the next level by helping support his career!

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*Remember, if you are an artist, and have merchandise please comment a link to your merch and I can add it to this list. Also, please comment if you purchase any of the featured merchandise.

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