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Artist Spotlight: Cymarshall Law

 I had the great pleasure of getting in touch with artist, Cymarshall Law and told him I wanted to make him the Artist of the Month for April, but also that I wanted to try something new. This "something new" is called, Artist Spotlight, where I ask some questions to an artist so that people can get to know who they really are. I plan on doing this for every Artist of the Month in future so leave a comment and tell me what you think. Cymarshall Law is a really great guy and a great artist so I hope you enjoy!
 1.) Please Introduce yourself to the readers:

Real Name : Cymar Simmons , MC NAME : Cymarshall Law , I was born in England by way of Jamaican parents , but then moved and was raised in Central New Jersey.
2.) How did you get into music & who were your early influences?

My biological older brother is an MC by the name of Skit Slam and I was first inspired by him and his then crew Intergalactic Federation. My friends and I, in middle school were all into Hip Hop , one of my friends named Broadway made beats and was DJ so we used to go over to his house and record on Cool Edit , from there it just grew I became a writing beast, like insanely writing whenever I had a spare moment or not, In the beginning I got fired from several jobs for writing rhymes on the job and not focusing on my work. When I heard Keith Murray's song "The Most Beautifullest Things in this World" is when I truly decided this is what I was going to do.
3.) Any current projects we should be looking for?

I have a DJ Premier Tribute Mix CD I've been working on for a while now, I have a street album in the works , as well as my next solo album , Hip Hop in the Soul 3 with Mr. Joeker , as well as Cyology 4 Mix CD. I know it might seem crazy I am working on so many at once, but I am really in a good space where I don't feel rushed at all and now more than ever I am making the music for me, I plan share all of it of course, but what I am saying is that the writing is really therapy for me.
4.) What album that you've made is your favorite, and why?

Freedom Express Line , It is the most original, we used all Jamaican samples besides one or two songs , those samples I handpicked, then flew to Sweden were The Beatnikz made the beats with the samples I gave them, but I was involved with most of the tracks letting them know how I wanted the tracks to sound, and they were superior at bringing what I had imagined to life. In addition, it is a high tempo album through out, which I have never heard done before. It was my intention to make it a socially conscious record to give balance to force that is Hip Hop. So its music with a message that you can move too. Hip Hop in its purest form.... I dedicated that album to my parents. Everything on the record embodies what I learned from them and what I would like to share with the world.
5.) If you weren't in music, what would you be doing?
I could have been a professional soccer player, maybe... ha I was really good, but I love movies and now I also shoot and direct video, so I am into the whole media aspect of things as well. I feel very comfortable on stage , and I always have , its funny because I am not the type of guy who needs the spotlight on me all the time or who even wants it, but strangely when It is on me, I embrace it.. like a kid who you think may not be able to fight, but when you trouble him he turns into Bruce Lee.
6.) What does your music have that is exclusive to Cymarshall Law?
My Voice for 1 I have been told is one that is high recognizable, and my accent if you could say I have one, is quite original, when I am in England they say I don't sound American and in America they say I don't sound English, and sometimes you hear hints of my Jamaican background. Also most MCs stay in their lane, I have no lane, there is nothing I can't write. I can be intelligent or I can all the way hood, It is really who I am, I walk that fine line, but Its always truly me. One might say I have an alter ego, but whatever they say, they should know its never a front, it is me.
7.) How has your music progressed from your first album to your latest release?

When I was younger I had a hard time controlling the pitch of my voice , now I have it on master lock. Also traveling the world touring made me realize I had to write in way that no matter where I was people had to understand what I was saying. I learned that from first going on tour in Europe and when I would hit a punchline I would tell sometimes the crowd wouldn't get it like an American would because we see different things on a daily basis.
8.) What do you try to convey with your music?

Love. Love for myself, The world , the people in it , the Art Form of Hip Hop. I try to convey I do my best to be a good man, but sometimes stumble on the path of the righteous man. Sometimes I think some artists are way to righteous and I think its bullshit because we all have demons , other times I think some artists are way to Gangsta as if they talk to there Grandmothers like they talk on their songs. I try to convey that I am ordinary guy who has always had ambition to do extraordinary things. I try to convey my originality because I feel no two people on earth are exactly alike, so If anyone of us shows our individuality and nurtures it , some special will always arise.
9.) Where can people hear/buy your music?

Select Best Buy stores , Wal-Marts , Barnes and Nobles, ITunes, , Amazon, YouTube , it shouldn't be too hard to find if you just look. Thank You for allowing me to share my voice, One Love.


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