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Radio Ready by Javier Starks

Radio Ready by Javier Starks

     "When I say that #RadioReady is AMAZING "its not just a vain claim", and I say that I'm the best because I've no fear, my skills unmatched." -Javier Starks via twitter @JavierStarks 4/18/13

      The much anticipated, much awaited breakthrough album of 2013 is here! Radio Ready is the latest album by DMV emcee Javier Starks, and for this album...believe the hype!!! I did an interview with Javier around late January (which you can view here) about this album and at the time Javier was telling me that this would be the album that would change everything, and now that I have the album, I see no reason it shouldn't do just that. In case you're not familiar with Javier Starks, just know that he is the embodiment of what people want from a rapper. He has lyrics with a real message, and can do it all without one single curse word. Just about every rapper to be featured on this blog is very lyrical because I think that's what real hip-hop is, but to put out an entire hip-hop record without a single curse word? I don't know of any other artist to even try this, much less do it. All this aside, lets talk about the album Radio Ready.

"When I say that #RadioReady is AMAZING "its not just a vain claim", and I say that I'm the best because I've no fear, my skills unmatched." -Javier Starks via twitter @JavierStarks 4/18/13

      Not too long before Radio Ready officially released, Javier put out a few singles from the album and one of those singles was the masterpiece titled "War Cry." The second this song kicked off with the hard knocking beat I knew I was in for an awesome song, I just didn't think it'd be this awesome! At first this song started out as a just a really sick pump up song, after I listened to it a few more times, and read the lyrics I came to the conclusion that this song is lyrically insane! "We should focus on WE, WE busy shifting blame, WE don’t see the signs, WE weak it’s a shame!" That very powerful, very truthful verse is from "War Cry" and he literally calls out society as a whole and puts it in its place, it's unreal how empowering this song is. Another song that really blew me away was the track "People Lie." This song speaks of the dangerous nature of lying and how it effects everybody, just about everyday. This song, in my opinion, has the best hook on the album. This track is easily my favorite song off the album simply because it's real, and it's true. The only song I don't absolutely love is "Callin' Me" and it's not because it's a bad song by any means, I just think that every other song is elevated so high that there is bound to be at least one song I like less.

"With an energetic and angry yet effervescent flow, Starks drops some serious knowledge" -Lucas G. via

     If you're into rappers who just talk about smoking good weed, the women they have, and the money they've made, the you will hate Javier Starks, Javier has set is morals and has zero plans of changing them, don't believe me? Take this line from the song "War Cry" as an example:
 "No I’m not your norm not your mainstream rapper, they say if I don’t sell out it don’t pay to be a rapper..I’m bout to django unchained these rappers, these brainwashed slave to the mainstream rappers…" That is one of sickest lines from any song I've ever heard, and it's that kind of gut wrenching truthfulness that is on every single song on Radio Ready. Let me be the first to tell you that this album is much, much deeper than just the hard knocking beats and catchy hooks. This album is the definition of versatile, and brings the essence of a good rapper and an even better role model back to hip-hop.

*Buy Radio Ready on itunes, amazon, or many others and visit Javier's website at also follow him on twitter @JavierStarks

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