Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heaven's Computer by 7even Thirty

    Heaven's Computer is honestly one of the coolest albums I've ever purchased. When I bought it, I had only heard of 7even Thirty through promotions by Mello Music Group. I'll admit, hitting the "complete purchase" button on my computer when buying this album was extremely nerve racking. I mean this was a complete shot in the dark for me. I had never heard of this guy, all I knew is that Mello Music Group was putting it out so it had to be good. Turns out, this is so far one of the best purchases I've made musically this year. I have never heard a hip-hop concept album that was as deep as this one. This album tells the very detailed story of 7even crash landing on Earth as Max Redrum, sent from his planet to destroy Earth as we know it. I've heard a few full length concept albums, some rock ones, some pop ones, and even a few hip hop ones, but this is by far my favorite. I'm not saying this album is the greatest album out there, but what I am saying is that its nice to hear something new from rappers and this is as innovative as it gets. At about the third or fourth track I just kept thinking to myself that this weird, spaced out feel reminds me of something, the it came to me, ATLiens. ATLiens in my eyes, is Outkasts most under appreciated album ever, yet I think it's one of their best works along with Aquemini. I fear that much like ATLiens, Heaven's Computer will fly extremely under the radar, and too few people will not be able to hear how good this album really is, or hear this amazing story put together by 7even Thirty. Heaven's Computer has a few songs that will get you hyped up and make you think about what he's saying at the same time, and that's a characteristic I can appreciate. My favorite tracks on this album have to be Twenty-Twelve, and Heaven's Radio/ Interference. On Twenty-Twelve, you hear one of the coolest beats, and some of the hardest lyrics on the entire album. On Heaven's Radio, 7even gets in touch with his spiritual side with what I think is the purest tack on the album. I say that its the purest, because it has every element that you would look for in a good song, and Heaven's Computer is full of tracks that are "pure." In the end I think that if you call yourself a hip-hop head then this is a must have. Even if you're just looking for something new to listen to, then this album is for you. Though I will say that unless you're an open minded person about music, Heaven's Computer may seem extremely weird to you, otherwise get it!!

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