Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In The Ruff by Diamond District

    In preperation for Diamond Districts much awaited second album, I decided to do a review on the album that really put yU, Oddisee, and Uptown XO on my radar, In The Ruff. On a quick side note about rap groups, I think my favorite rap group is Outkast, because A3K had the rhymes that made you really think, while Big Boi would hit you with these vicious lyrics that just got me pumped! The reason Outkast was so successful was because of their charisma, all great rap groups have that in common. I'll admit it took me quite some time to come around to Diamond District, I'm not entirely sure why, it just didn't click with me and I didn't feel that charisma that was in groups like De La, Tribe, or even Wu-Tang. After about 3 weeks of listening to this album I was honestly disappointed in this album and I was a little bit resilient towards itunes for not making refunds possible. Then one day while I was on the bus, I decided to give this album a second chance. The song I put on from the album was, The Shining. I'm not sure why I couldn't vibe with that song previously, but I really started to like that song. Then I would find another song off the album that clicked with me, then another, and another! On that particular bus ride two things happened to me: I got home in a timely fashion, and I felt the charisma between XO, Oddisee, and yU. I then found myself only listening to this album for at least a month or two. This album is an album I can admire because its real, and by that I mean it is a true message to each verse on each song. Even in the song Off the Late Night, when yU is describing, in much detail, his sexual encounter with a woman I hear the charisma because the beat to this song makes you feel as if you're walking downtown at night and just observing your surroundings. I recommend this album to any hip-hop fan, a lot of songs that just put you in a good mood on here. To sum it up, its a must have for the true listeners of music and get pumped for Diamond Districts follow up album later this year!
*Get In The Ruff on itunes here & on bandcamp here Follow all three of these guys on twitter @yUthe78er, @uptownxo & @ODDISEE

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