Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sheff's Kitchen

The single Just Watchin' off the upcoming EP
The single Spit Shine off the upcoming EP

Sheff's Kitchen is a hip-hop duo that is based in Maryland, so if your a fan of DMV hip-hop then this album is for you. Personally, I'm a big fan of an artist that can make you think about what they're saying but Knell Rashad takes thought provoking lyrics to a whole new level! You can tell that he is rapping from the heart with his lyrics being mainly about faith in God, and everything that he sees in the world today. His thoughts spark a fire in your mind which really want to make you be proactive and change the world, because that's what these guys are trying to do! Kenju provides the beats in the duo and on every single song, the mood is first set with the 90's cool and smooth beats, then delivered with the unique flow. I know the term "Dynamic Duo" is very overused when it comes to rap groups, but I can say that Sheff's Kitchen really is dynamic! Every song is a different ingredient to the album in which they all blend perfectly together, giving you a dose of something new!
   Very rarely is a nine track album ever considered a "complete" album. I can say that Sheff's Kitchen EP is the exception. My man Substantial came to me via twitter and told me he was working with a hip-hop group and that I needed to check them out. I know what Substantial is about when it comes to music, and he doesn't play. I clicked on the link not really knowing what to expect, and I heard the song "Spit Shine" which is one of the singles off their upcoming album, when the beat dropped I immediately knew that this was going to be awesome! I got back to Substantial told him I'd love to do an album review on Sheff's Kitchen and then, just like that, I got a hold of the full album which drops January 29th! I listened to it all the way through, it sounded nice. I listened to it again, and again, and again and by the fourth time I listened to it I felt that this album had it ALL! These nine songs compile an album that you could listen to once, and then have a new view on life. True hip-hop fans will LOVE this album because it is true to the roots of hip-hop when the lyrics meant something and rappers rapped for the love of the music and not the money. I can see why Substantial is working with these guys, he can see the potential is HIGH with Sheff's Kitchen!


*The album will be available on bandcamp, click here to check out the Sheff's Kitchen bandcamp page!

*Sheff's Kitchen also has a soundcloud and a reverbnation page so click here for the soundcloud, and here for the reverbnation page!
*Check out the review I did on Substantial's album here and check out his site at

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