Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everything 050 (Lead Singles) by 050 Boyz

Comprised of rhymers Riq da Kid, Prince AK and Tru Trilla, the 050 Boyz, a grimy in-your face hip-hop trio, aims to make a splash with their forthcoming album titled, Everything 050. The group recently released a few of the album's lead singles, and man oh man are these tracks nice! The first song, titled "Pay Them No Mind" features DoItAll as well as Tha Advocate, and has a beat as triumphant as ever! The aggressive and high-energy flows from the Boyz are surprisingly superb, as sharp lyricism and fluent delivery is present throughout the duration of the track. "Pay Them No Mind" has a bit of an old-school flare, while the next single, "DNA" is a more modern play on hip-hop.

"DNA" has a bit of an eerie beat, however, the up-tempo style from 050 Boyz won't bore listeners by any means! This track, much like the other, has some extremely strong and clever rhymes, although, the hook in "DNA" is a bit more catchy than the one in "Pay Them No Mind." Additionally, the head-nod inducing beat is present in both tracks, though both beats are very different in their emitted moods, which only leads me to believe that the full-length album will be a versatile one for sure. Give both singles a listen, and feel free to vote on which single you liked best!

Which single do you like best?
Pay Them No Mind feat. DoItAll & Tha Advocate
DNA feat. Ib the Druid, Famiil & Treach
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