Sunday, May 24, 2015

Interview With James Gardin

One of the more recurring names that can be found on this site, is James Gardin. He made his first appearance with his project Moleskines & Pocket Squares, and even ended up on one of our 2014 year end lists! Lately, however, he has been highlighted for the singles leading up to his most recent album, Living Daylights, and then the album itself! Gardin is a unique, talented, and soulful artist and he was kind enough to answer a few questions in regards to his latest release. So check out the interview on Living Daylights, and be sure to check out Gardin and his full catalog for some great tunes!  

What was the inspiration behind your last project Living Daylights?
Living Daylights was inspired by this idea that we are all called to be beacons of hope , light, and inspiration with what ever vocation or skill-set we have. I also lived in South Africa for 3 months while writing some of this record so that time inspired a lot of the content ,and honestly life inspired it. Times when I was happy , focused, slacking depressed ... all that inspired this record
 What does this album mean to you?
At one point I felt this was one of those albums  I was born to make, and I feel like it still is. This album is not only pivotal moment in my career because I feel like I'm starting to gain clout and traction , but this album is me really getting comfortable with who I am. I know that in previous albums I was still comparing myself to other artist and I'm finally learning to not care ... FINALLY
Any challenges you faced while making this album?
One of the biggest things was trying to find a label to pick up the record . I sat on the record for 2 years shopping it around, until I decided to just put it out myself. I also went through  losing my management and going back to doing everything myself during the planning of Living Daylights release.
How does Living Daylights strengthen your musical catalog?
I think Living Daylights is my own sound, of course with KuroiOto but I think we finally found a sound that's starting to mix all of our influences . I think this album shows a lot of growth compared to my previous releases and it's only a preview of where I plan on going musically.
How did you know when this album was complete?
When I realized it told the narrative I wanted to convey . I don't know the exact moment but at one point I looked at all the songs I had and I was like this feels right I don't need this song or this song but these other one's are perfect to inspire and send the message I want to with this record. 
What's your favorite track on Living Daylights?
My favorite song on Living Daylights is No One. It's crazy because when I wrote it I was super apprehensive in sharing it ,because when I wrote it there weren't a lot of rap songs where your actually trying to encourage people and challenge standards of beauty in a more sensitive tone.  But I feel like that song challenges a lot of societal norms and it's a record that's need in our time.
Is Living Daylights your best work? Favorite?
I think it's my best to date , which I hope all artist feel with their most current release. I also feel like my next release will be better. Is it my favorite?... right now it is but I ended up growing out of my own records so only time can tell. 
What's else can we expect from you in 2015?
I plan on dropping more songs, another project this year , and Lord willing some touring this fall. I'm trying to work harder than I ever had there's so much work to be done and if I'm breathing it's going to get done

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