Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Album Announcement: Sareem Poems & Ess Be

News broke today that rhymer Sareem Poems and Michigan based producer Ess Be are teaming up for a full-length album titled Beautiful Noise that is geared to release March 31st via Illect Recordings. Those familiar with Sareem Poems know that he is an exceptionally talented emcee with great lyrics, delivery, and style. Those not so acquainted with him, should use this forthcoming project as a means to get clued in on what Poems is all about. Not only is Sareem Poems one heck of a rapper, but Ess Be, the producer, has a versatile sound that listeners should be very excited to hear. Beautiful Noise needs to be on everyone's radar, just as March 31st needs to be marked on the calenders. Below is the track listing and pre-order links!

Track listing                                                                   Itunes Pre-Order: Here

1. As We Are
2. We
3. Higher
4. Push It Along
5. Overflow
6. Empty
7. Show N Tell
8. Worthy
9. Higher (Remix)
10. Push It Along (Remix)

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