Saturday, December 13, 2014

Asking (Video) by Billy Ivan

Over the past year, The Under-Cover Album Review has been growing in popularity which also means we have been growing in the number of submissions we receive on a weekly basis. Within these submissions are tons of aspiring artists from all over the country looking to get their name out in the public. Some artists have the highly sought-after "it" factor, while other's  just seem to be missing something. 

One artist that recently had his music video sent to us without question has the previously mentioned "it" factor. In the two years that this site has been running, I'm not sure if I've ever been so sure of an artist based on one video. Who is this artist? His name is Billy Ivan, and he hails from Staten Island, New York. What separates him from others, is his ability to do just about everything under the sun. He raps, produces, and even shot and edited the music video above. 

In the featured track, "Asking" his smooth yet clever wordplay shines, and his delivery seems to flow so naturally, that it's almost impossible not to enjoy this. The beat has a very seasonal sound, and the cohesive bond formed between the beat and lyrics is truly incredible This is one of the better music videos ever shown on this site, and personally, I can't wait for this guy to release more music. Give this video a play, and comment your thoughts. Billy Ivan will without question have much more work featured on the site!

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