Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Planet Woman by Cymarshall Law feat. Jordan Sokel

 As it often does, fatherhood usually makes an emcee more conscious about the material he will put out. While Cymarshall Law has always been a conscious rhymer, he decided to slow it down from his usual up-tempo energy and fast spitting rhymes to make a song dedicated to his daughter, sister, and women all over. This track has a beautiful message that incorporates the negative portrayal of women in the media, as opposed to positive image that women actually are. This track has a smooth and serene beat produced by Mr. Joeker, and Cymar's unique flow and voice is as sharp as ever. It's tracks like this one that make Cymarshall Law one of my favorite artists around. He's a great guy, that makes music for the brain, heart, and all the body's emotions. Truly a great track. Check it out and comment below!

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