Monday, September 29, 2014

Gold by James Gardin

One of hip-hop's good guys, James Gardin, is back with the lead single "Gold" off his upcoming album titled Living Daylights. In this song James speaks on the appreciation for all women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. "Gold" has a very positive message along with a very soulful and catchy hook. The track's head-nodding beat is produced by Kuroioto, and this track actually has a lot more significance than one may realize at first listen. In a world where the only people empowering women to feel "gold" is well, women it's easy to get used to the same message from the same people. However, this time it's coming from a male, not only that, but a male hip-hop artist, and hip-hop's negative history with the degrading of women over the years is nothing to be proud of. Gardin should be recognized for going against the grain, and all we can hope for is that more male artists follow suit. Not only that, but it's also a great song to jam to! Check it out and comment your thoughts!

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