Friday, August 8, 2014

The Key by Grand Opus (Joc Scholar & Centric)

A hook reminiscent of the 90's hip-hop classic "Money, Power, Respect" and a hard boom-bap beat that will catch ears from miles away are the first things listeners will notice while listening to the brand new single "The Key" by Grand Opus. Not familiar with the name Grand Opus? Well, GO is a hip-hop duo comprised of rhymer Joc scholar and beatsmith Centric. The two are keeping the storied one emcee-one producer style of hip-hop alive as they are all about hard beats, and hard rhymes. Scholar's delivery fits Centric's production style like a glass slipper, and the lyrical message is nothing to sneeze at either as Joc speaks on the key to life. Check out the track and comment your thoughts!

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