Saturday, August 16, 2014

Prelude 2 Procrastination EP by Black Root

     Many people know about The Roots, and legendary rapper for that group, Black Thought, but many people may not be familiar with DMV rapper Black Root. Well, ladies and gentleman, it's time to get familiar with Black Root, and his EP, Prelude 2 Procrastination is set to drop on August 29th for the world to hear.

     Though this is only a five-track EP, it still deserves recognition for it's unique sound. The EP's lead single, "Rock 2 It" is a fun, energetic track with some solid lyricism behind it too. Black Root is a balanced emcee that can do a little bit of everything whether it be dropping a crazy thought provoking beat, or just keeping the rhythm with his flow. 

     Not a knock against Black Root, but the production to the EP just may catch listeners ears at first rather than the rhyming. The production style sounds very true to the DMV area, as the soulful yet jazzy instruments are evident throughout the listening experience. However, on the track "I Be" it is a mostly an  a capella song that really displays Root's true lyrical ability.

     Also on this EP is the song "My Mom's Hands" in which Black Root shows that he is no one trick pony. He shows that he has a fairly soulful voice as he sings this track with a certain elegance that knots the entire EP together.

     In short, Prelude 2 Procrastination is versatile five-track EP that just may put Black Root on a few people's radar. He doesn't seem to excel at one specific attribute, but he definitely is sound all across the board. Prelude 2 Procrastination is due out August 29th, but pre-order is available now, so check out the album, and comment your thoughts!

Forgot to mention that DMV legend, Substantial, designed the cover art for the album!

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