Monday, August 4, 2014

Lupe Let Me Down by Jerrell Johnson

Storytelling at it's finest. That statement can sum up the latest single by Jerrell Johnson titled "Lupe Let Me Down." Rather than telling a cliche' story about coming up in hard times, Johnson chose to focus on a story that may resonate with a lot of people. In this track, he tells his view of Lupe Fiasco and how, in his mind, he was let down by Lupe's recent releases. This is really an interesting take on things, as the inspiration for the track derives from J.Cole's storied single "Let Nas Down."  Jerrell Johnson may be a new name in the hip-hop industry, but as long as he keeps his strong flow, storytelling lyrics, and his creative mindset to keep releasing fresh concepts like this one, then there's no limit as to where his talents will take him Check out the track and comment your thoughts!


  1. That's how I feel about J. Cole.

  2. I think everyone has an artist they feel let down by. For me, it's Blu.



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