Monday, August 25, 2014

Dope by Kwab aka Y.e.S! feat Juneyouare

If you're someone who is tired of hearing the same mellow, calm, slow and serene style of hip-hop from up and coming artists, and you want something more then this is the song for you!"Dope" by Kwab aka Ye.S! is a fresh new single that is sure to get that head nodding and arms moving This is the kind of track to blast riding down the street and simply smirk as all the bystanders turn their heads to observe this uptempo and high energy track. Rapping alongside Kwab is Juneyouare and the beat is laid down by El Blanco Nino, together, this is a great track t get that blood-pumping. Both verses from Kwab and June are great, and their styles just mesh so well that one can only hope the two link-up in the future for more hits! Check it out and comment what you think!

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