Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dark Comedy by Open Mike Eagle

     Released in early June via Mello Music Group, is Dark Comedy by Open Mike Eagle. This is one of  OME's bigger releases, and the record has features from Hannibal Burress, Kool AD (of Das Racist) and Toy Light. Listeners that have never heard any of OME's previous work will quickly realize that this album is nothing like they may have expected.

     Open Mike Eagle shows everyone three things on this album. One; he is one hell of a rapper. Two; he is hilarious. Three; he can combine his humor and lyrical ability to create a unique flavor of hip-hop that sounds really great.. Throughout the album listeners will be humming the choruses, laughing at many of the lines, and nodding their heads to the beats. Open Mike Eagle is among a rare breed of artists, and his style is fairly difficult to describe. One of the more challenging aspects about Dark Comedy, is deciding if Mike was being serious, or joking in his lyrics. This causes the feeling of wanting to laugh, but not sure if it's appropriate throughout the entire album and it's a rare listening experience that's for sure.

     While his lyrics are quite abnormal they still sound great. The same can be said about the production used on this project. None of the beats will standout as great beats, but none of them will be labeled as bad or poor. The beats are just really eccentric, but it really fits the theme of the album. It's a lot of futuristic styles and flavors incorporated into the production, so that is definitely something to be aware of. 

     The entire album has a very peaceful and calm vibe. The beats, Mike's tone, all of it really, and as stated previously, the lyrical matter is very humorous. Sometimes it works great, but towards the end of the album this dry humor gets somewhat repetitive and the "funny rap" grows old after a the first a few tracks. That being said, this album is still a really good listen, just know that this is by no means album of the year or anything like that. It's a solid hip-hop album, with a new and unique twist to it, nothing more and nothing less. 

     The best track on the album is easily "Qualifiers" and this is because it has a great chorus, beat that adds a serene sound, and Mike Eagle showcasing his best lyricism on the album. This track can also be labeled as one of the more serious sounding tracks on the album. Whether this was supposed to be a serious song or not, it surely felt like it in comparison to the rest of the tracks.

    Liking or disliking Dark Comedy is really all about personal preference. For some, this is a very strong album that everyone should hear, and for others, it's a weird style of hip-hop that won't click with them. For me, I felt that is was an all around good listen. Open Mike Eagle is a very talented rapper with a favorable flow, his subject matter may be a bit more diverse than usual hip-hop projects, but it's good to hear something new and original. I'd love to hear some of the readers thoughts on the album, so take a listen, and comment your thoughts below!



  1. Open Mke is definitely a unique mc. I was put on by a homie who own's a comic book store around here and he's really respected among the nerdcore crowd. I think he's a legit talent, but like you said this project is cool, but not a go to.

  2. Thanks for reading the review T!



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