Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love by Blee

     After a three year hiatus from the music industry, the Caribbean/English artist  Blee returns with his fourth installment in The Black Lion Chronicles. This thirteen track album was released on Friday the thirteenth, and it seems that Blee is trying to change the stigma behind the number thirteen.

     Choose Love is a mountain chain album. Meaning that it has it's ups, and downs much like a mountain chain. The album starts off with the track "Feeling Like A King" which is an amazing intro and easily the best song on the record. Blee shows that he has the ability to rhyme and make a great song right from the get-go, and placing one of the better singles as the first track is always a smart move. Though placing the best track at the very beginning  can be problematic because the album can only going down hill. It seemed that Blee would be taking the latter, as tracks two and three weren't that great but it picks up again at four, then back down. Overall it's a very inconsistent album with good highs and bad lows.

     While the album itself may have been inconsistent, it's not due to the lack of ability from Blee. He can be very thought provoking, empowering, and even political with his lyrics and on the standout tracks, he displays all of these characteristics. Though on other tracks he falls into the cliche' rapper category as he talks about being "Bout That Life" behind club style beats.  It seems that he still hasn't found a set sound for himself, which causes for a disoriented listen.

     The beats on the album are all over the place. The best beat is on "Top of the Morning" as the addition of a trumpet seems to bring everything together. Blee's Caribbean roots are also evident throughout Choose Love, as a reggae infused beat seemed to be a recurring theme. Much like the rest of the album, the beats have their ups and downs.

     Choose Love isn't a bad album by any means, it just doesn't have a set direction, and maybe that was what Blee was going for based on the album cover. The mountainous structure of the album hurt the listening experience exponentially, however, the better tracks on the album are genuinely quality songs. This album has a little something for everyone, making it very versatile, and in that regard the album is very solid. Listen to Choose Love, and comment your thoughts!


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