Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rain by Sundance feat. Propaganda, Wonder Brown, Cas Metah, Elias, KJ-52, JGivens & Khadia Che.

The second single off the album Midlife Marauders by beatsmith Sundance, is titled "Rain" and features a whole host of rhymers and vocalists. This track sounds like a novel as it "best represents the spirit of Midlife Marauders" stated Sundance. The beat itself is really something unique as Sundance completely flips the beat into another tempo, and mood in the middle of the track. The melodies incorporated to the track are perfect and listeners will be able to really visualize the imagery found not only in the lyrics, but also in the production. Midlife Marauders releases June 17th (today) and yes, there will be a review on the full album this week! Check out the track and the album, and comment your thoughts! 

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