Monday, June 30, 2014

Analog Son by Analog Son

     Funk is a genre that isn't regarded as a "priority genre" by most music listeners and appreciators. In fact, funk normally just falls into the "other" category that gets the tiny sliver on a pie-chart. It's a tough world for funk bands and groups, but luckily the Denver, Colorado based funk group, Analog Son, didn't pay much attention to that stigma when they released their funk driven album also titled Analog Son

     As elementary as it may seem, the music throughout the album is..funky. Each track is something you can nod your head and tap your foot to. The music is truly great, and Analog Son does an outstanding job at creating layers of instruments playing in rhythm on each track. Listeners may notice that there seems to be a sort of understanding and cohesiveness between all of the musicians due to the fact that they are on the same page every step of the way. This feeling is created by the quick tempo changes and subtle playing of perfectly timed additional instruments. Listeners may also note that the music may sound as if it's being made up on the spot by the players, and that in itself is mind boggling!

     Whether it's the hard plucking of the bass, or the well-planned chime from the horn section, this album doesn't fail to disappoint and seems to be the embodiment of the site's slogan, "Quality Music, by Quality Artists."  The "quality artists" featured on the album are Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman, Ryan ZoidisEric Bloom, Joe Tatton, Ivan Neville, Joey Porter (not the former Steelers linebacker) and several other national and regional funk artists. 

     It's somewhat challenging trying to select the best track off of the album, not just because all of them are great, but because they all have similar aspects and characteristics to them. They all feature insane solos, a mean organ line, a groove carried by the bass, and horns as well as various other instruments added to the mix creating a somewhat euphoric sound. The only flaw, however, to some of the tracks are the vocals added on top of the music. No, there aren't vocals to every track, or even half of the tracks, but on the few they are featured on they tend to take away from the music, and the uncomplicated lyrics don't help the cause either. Great music doesn't need to be diluted with vocals, and this is by no means a knock against the singer, just that the vocals didn't add anything extra to the album.

     Analog Son is the best funk album of 2014. Don't even waste time listening to other funk projects because they won't measure up to the musical genius portrayed by this one. That being said, this album doesn't change the playing field for the genre of funk, because at the end of the day there is only so much a funk album can accomplish. There isn't much room for growth or extensive variety in a funk album, even in this one, but knowing that won't take away from the fact that for forty-nine minutes listeners alike will be nodding in rhythm with the bass and drums. That being said, take this album for what it is, a great musical piece and a really fun listen, but understand that there isn't much of an envelope to push as far as the funk world is concerned. Check out this album, and comment what you think of Analog Son!


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