Monday, May 12, 2014

Route 63 by Flexy the Artist

     Route 63,  a  nine track EP that is a fusion of Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B by Missouri raised, Flexy the Artist. This EP brings a commercial sound with music everyone can vibe to. Released on April 30th, this EP is still gaining a ground, though Flexy has built up quite a following, even though this is his first solo release.

     Flexy has no shortage of vocal talent, however, his lyrical style is quite unique. He shows off his ability to rap in the first track, and he even excels at that too. In addition, Flexy features rap-like singing on a few tracks and this is a sound that really fits his sound. 

      The songs, at first listen, seem to be simple songs about romance and don't have any deep meanings to them. Notice how I included the term "at first listen", Flexy had this to say on the meaning of the tracks, "It's basically talking about what I'm going to do in the future and pursuing life after school, I just used women and other issues as metaphors to create a double entendre throughout the whole story. I almost named the EP double entendre I think because there's maybe one song that actually is about a woman." After thinking about this statement, and listening to the tracks a few times over, you can notice little things he says that make you believe the love stories are metaphors. This may not be evident on every track, but there is definitely some deeper meaning to the tracks, and the creativity behind the songs is truly admirable, and it worked out fairly well for the up and coming artist.

     The music behind the spoken words is quite commercial. This isn't a knock against Flexy, just that none of the beats and production will differ from what you can hear on the radio. The vocals are the backbone to this album, and a strong one at that. The beats just don't stand out, and almost dilute the well harmonized vocals by Flexy. This doesn't make this a bad EP, because it's a fun listen that is music for a wide variety of people. This just is an aspect that isn't as good as other elements of the release. 

     In all, Route 63 is a strong solo release by Flexy the Artist, and this shows true potential for the young vocalist. Flexy is an artist people should feel good about supporting, he creates fun and good music, that tells stories and this will be the better eccentric EP you will hear in the year so far. This album is available on Itunes so be sure to check out the EP and comment what you think!

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