Friday, May 30, 2014

Album Fundraiser: Stars & Streetsigns by Mike Ramsey

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two great platforms to help raise money, to fund a project. There are also many other great sites similar to these, that give people worldwide the chance to invest in something they believe in. One project that we at The Under-Cover Album Review would like to highlight, is the album fundraiser for Charlotte, North Carolina native Mike Ramsey. Mike's single "Amelia Claire" was featured on the site recently, and that particular track will be featured on the album titled Stars & Streetsigns. Stars & Streetsigns will be Mike's debut release, and he is trying to raise $4500 to fund the making of the album. Check out the video, and the link to fundraising page and support good music! Below, is a brief Q&A Mike and I had regarding the album and the fundraising campaign, this should give you a better understanding of who Mike is as a musician, and as a person.

*Click here to view the fundraiser page
*Mike Ramsey Facebook

What made you want to make a record?
I've listened and played music all my life. So naturally I started writing songs. and once I started that process all I heard were these songs in my head. Every morning when I'm alone or working out, or standing around at work I think about what these songs could song like. Mainly i'm ready for this record to be done so I can hear the songs for myself. I really think I will enjoy making and listening these songs and that will transfer into other people enjoying it. But if it turns out well and I'm still the only one that listens it will still be a success.

What sound will this album have? Will this continuously be your sound for future works?
Its funny cause I had these plans for a big electric record with tons of auxiliary instrumentation, and the more I write and spend time demoing the songs, the more natural and broken down I like my music. I think it will have a focus on the songs but still some catchy pop hooks. In my mind it will sound somewhere between John Mayer and Paul Simon, or Amos Lee and James Taylor. I want to have the well written songs but also well built song structures. There is no telling how long Ill sound like this. I listen to literally everything and it changes what my ambitions are daily. I'll listen to Miles and want to be a jazz head, then listen to Coheed and Cambria and want to construct crazy rock music, then listen to Kanye and be on a nasty hook, then ill come back to Ray Lamontagne and just want to be me and the guitar. So that's a long answer to say, I highly doubt it will always sound like this.

What all will this fundraiser allow you to do, that you otherwise couldn't have accomplished?
 I've been doing bits and pieces of the album forever and every time I get in a studio it sounds different. So I wanted to have the lump money so I can get in a nice studio, good musicians, and all at once to have a good sounding cohesive record. Its been impossible to save up that much money and live life. So this will give me the ability to put all my focus into the record at one time and actually complete it to the level I can be proud of.

What is the hardest part about creating a fundraiser?
 I'm a little to shy to ask for money. I don't have a ton of funds and I know a lot of people don't have money to spare on an album they don't know if they will like. So I feel a little guilty in that respect. I also know that when the fundraising succeeds then I'm under the pressure to produce. Its easy when your taking the time to do the record and if it doesn't work scrap the day. But when people are expecting a product, It can change the way you approach the record. It worries me because My main goal is to put out the best music I can, but I also have to keep in mind there are people expecting something at this point.

Besides your money goal, what do you hope to accomplish with the fundraiser?
Yeah obviously the money is great. But hopefully I get a few new people coming out to gigs, A few people checking out my demoed music, and a few people getting the final recording of the CD in there hands. The fundraising is a little nerve racking but ultimately has a million benefits

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