Saturday, April 5, 2014

The World Is Yours by Mark Marvel feat. Elijah Miguel

Paying homage to the 20th anniversary of Illmatic by Nas, Mark Marvel creates his rendition of the classic "The World Is Yours" featuring Queens native Elijah Miguel. This track uses the original Pete Rock produced beat, and even keeps the original lyrics to the chorus, just this time Marvel is the one telling us the world is ours. Mark Marvel definitely has a similar vocal sound to Nasir Jones, so it's really neat to hear a tribute track done so well. Marvel is definitely a lyricist, though hearing a multitude of artists revisit classic tracks such as "The World Is Yours" could get old, so lets hope that Marvel is just showing love for his inspirations, rather than trying to emulate Nasty Nas. Elijah Miguel brings some solid lyrics and is a really strong addition to the track. The best features are the ones who add style and flavor to the overall sound, and Miguel did a commendable job at fitting that role. Overall an undoubtedly satisfying track that reminds us all to know where we've been, in order to see where we are going. Comment your thoughts on the track below!

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