Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amelia Claire by Mike Ramsey

Mike Ramsey
     While The Under-Cover Album Review is noted mostly for its posts and blurbs regarding hip-hop music, we will be slowly integrating the site with a wider variety of genres. You may have noticed recent reviews on soul albums, jazz albums or even a few folk albums. This is to broaden the spectrum of viewers, to show that good music comes from all walks of life. Fear not hip-hop heads, our priority genre will be what you love most, just don't be afraid to open your ears up to something new.

     That being said, here is Amelia Claire by Mike Ramsey. Ramsey is a Charlotte, North Carolina native who, on this track, has a bit of a folk rock sound similar to that of  more recent John Mayer releases. Ramsey not only sings on this track, but also plays guitar. Amelia Claire also features Colby Dobbs, of Colby Dobbs Band, who adds his vocals to the harmonies and his keyboard to the melodies. This song has a foot-tapping groove, with simple, yet well written lyrics telling the story of a playful love interest.  Amelia Claire, shows that not every track has to be layered with instruments to sound good, as the drums, a piano, and a guitar are the only evident instruments on the first solo release for Mike Ramsey this year. Check out Amelia Claire and comment what you think!

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