Thursday, April 10, 2014

14 C Bags by Sharon Hazel Township

     Sharon Hazel Township, take away the Township and you're left with Sharon Hazel, the woman that wrote every song, sang every note, and played every instrument on her album 14 C Bags. Do I know what "14 C Bags" means? Unfortunately the answer to that question is no. Thankfully, the album name plays only a minor role in this folk-rock/acoustic album by the California based artist.

     If you stumbled across this site, and clicked the album review in hopes of reading about a new hip-hop album, then today is your lucky day! Not because you're reading about a hip-hop album(sorry), but because you're reading about an album that may broaden your musical horizons!

     Sharon Hazel has a very raw, and natural sound in her voice. She isn't the singer that will hit every note with perfect pitch, but she is the singer that will make you feel something after listening to her songs. The feeling most common in this album is a somewhat melancholy emotion. This isn't a bad thing, just that her voice on the tracks seem to sound more sad rather than joyful, even if she's singing about a more lighthearted subject.

     As I stated previously, this feeling isn't a bad thing by any means. It just means that this is mood music, that you may catch yourself listening to on a slow day when you want to zone out to quality music. The tracks are very well written in terms of lyrics. You can tell that every word on any given song is written from the heart, and that Hazel uses music as a means to express herself. This characteristic of Sharon's writing will show the listeners one of the many beauties of music; getting an understanding of the artist and what they were going through at a certain time without ever meeting that person.

     The instrumentation on 14 C Bags isn't anything that will blow you away. It's not layered with various instruments, but has that coffee house style sound to it. This brings me back to my previous statement of it being mood music, and easy listening. One thing that was very enjoyable on this album is the natural sound of the instruments in the tracks. It will seem as if you are actually out at the park watching Sharon Hazel play these songs right in front of you, and that is a refreshing feeling!

     This album goes to show that this site is more than just a hip-hop site. While it's evident secular genres may not get a lot of publicity, good music is still good music and that can never be denied. Hopefully you will come across this album at the right time and it will help your overall mood. After all, the power of music is uncomprehending, and undefinable, so who knows what this album could do for you.  


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