Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hova Nasir by Moteleola

     One of the best producers you've yet to hear is back with new music and this is big. Moteleola remixed two songs by Nas and Jay-Z, keeping the lyrics and putting his own touch to classic songs. Moteleola has a style that is ever evolving and has been gaining real buzz with recent work. Unfortunately, the United States cannot claim this talented producer as he hails from London, England. At the age of twenty he is steadily becoming a common name here on this site.

     The tracks remixed aren't necessarily the biggest tracks from Hova or Nas. He remixed "Pray" by Jay-Z and Nas's  "Last Real Nigga Alive". The better of the two is the remix of the Nas track. It fits so well with the flow and tone of Nas's voice and comes together quite nicely. Both tracks are layered with soul and boom bap so the tracks are still in the realm of quality hip-hop. This "remixtape" includes the remixed instrumentals and is a pretty good listen for any fan of remixes. Though I hope that on Eola's upcoming full length project, Oasis Black, he strays away from remixes and presents us listeners with his great production work.

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