Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bully Beatdown by Mic Lungz

     Having an album cover looking like a new EA Sports video game will get you noticed. Having hard rhymes and hard beats will get you fans. D.C's own, Mic Lungz released Bully Beatdown on March 18th and is quickly turning heads and catching ears. This album is produced entirely by JUDAH which adds to the list of one emcee one producer albums trying to revive a somewhat lost element to hip-hop albums. A strong dose of drum kicks and MMA references are only a spoonful of what this album is all about, but what other characteristics can be found in Bully Beatdown?

     When you start your listen of Bully Beatdown expect the kind of beats you'd want to hear minutes before you go into an MMA octagon to fight some guy who would love nothing more than to superman punch you in cranium. Yeah, pretty intense. JUDAH did a pretty commendable job at giving the listeners this thematic listening experience, and including some great samples and cuts. He was clearly on the same page with Mic Lungz in terms of creating a thematic concept.

     The heaviness and energy of the beats slow down towards the end of the album as the last two tracks have a somewhat commercial sound. Not to the point to where it sounds like any other rap album, but it does take away from the album in terms of the theme. Still great production on these tracks, just a little more calm in comparison to the rest of the album.

     Mic Lungz...a clever name for a clever lyricist. His lyrical matter is nothing to sneeze at, speaking on troubles and triumphs and what he has done to get to the point he's at now. Lungz possess a seemingly average flow (could use improvement but he works well with his talents) with above average lyrical intensity. 

     He serves as a great companion to the rugged boom bap beats used throughout the album. His vocal presence escalates the emotions given off by his deep lyrics. He is not quite at the DMX level of vocal power, but can easily be described as a poor man's DMX in that category. If you haven't heard any of Mic Lungz previous tracks or albums, then this is the album to listen to. It gives you a new type of emcee that is a great hybrid of hype man rapper, and conscious lyricist. 

     In all, Bully Beatdown is a great listen. The album has a common theme and does a great job at making that known. No bad tracks on the album, but a one or two that could've been left out of the finished project. Very good production by JUDAH and the chemistry between the rapper and producer was felt the duration of the album. Let me know what you think of the album by commenting below!

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