Saturday, March 29, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Rem Steel

Rapper Rem Steel is looking to make a big splash with his upcoming album AM2AM set to drop on April 12th. Rem Steel is a very personable artist, meaning he's someone people can get behind. He creates honest music with styles for all regions of the Hip-Hop fandom. This edition of "Artist Spotlight" will give all the readers a glimpse into what this album is all about, who Rem Steel is, and how you can hear his music. I hope everyone enjoys reading this and feel free to leave a comment below!

1) Introduce yourself 

My name is Rem Steel, I’m from Winston-Salem NC.
Home of Chris Paul, Fallen Anghellz, 9th Wonder and many more.

2. Tell me a little about AM2AM

AM2AM is the acronym for Audio Madness 2 A Misfit, in which I dub myself as the misfit, because I don’t fit in this game called Hip Hop, basically a misfit, a person not suited in behavior or attitude to a particular social environment. AM2AM is about growth and perseverance in music, transcending from one level to the next. The album talks about life, problematic situations, and our state of condition in this era of life. I do have some songs for the spittaz, the thinkers, and some that need uplifting. AM2AM is about hard work and sacrifice, learning what grinding means, not a cliche, but a reality to making what you want to come into fruition.

3. How long did this project take to make? Is this your best work as an artist?

The album took me 6 months to complete. I don’t know if it’s my best work as an artist, but I think its my most diverse work as an artist.

4 .How would you describe your rapping style?

 I come from an era of hip hop, of when you just rap, there were no genres, you had to earn your way to the mic and you just spit. I am well rounded from being conscious to being lyrical, to just having fun with the mic. One of the songs on the Album is called “ It shouldn’t be A problem" and it shows that you can be lyrical and be yourself on any beat.

5. What do you hope to accomplish with AM2AM?

 I want to establish myself as true artist, build my brand, and increase my fan base through NC and outside of NC. I want people to take time out and listen to my music and be inspired

6. What inspires you to create music? Where there any specific inspirations on this project?

What inspires me to create music is God and my Team, Sound Chamba Productions. I owe my perseverance to two people, Seven Da Pantha and my son Chris Barrz. Seven always showed belief in me never let me give up on myself and my dream. My son just always stay on me, he stated once that he looks up to me, and the one thing he said that he admire the most about me is that I have vision, and I never lose sight of what could be accomplished.

7. Why should people check out this album? 

I believe this album as well as most of projects has something to offer everybody, I don’t think emcees should limit themselves. It has music for those looking for hope, fun, inspiration, straight up hip hop.

8. When and where will people be able to get this album? 

The Album will be available for digital download on Band Camp.

9. Anything else you'd like to say?

AM2AM will be a smasha, NC stand up for ya boy! I got production from Devillion, J1k, Nox, Poe MackKevo Beats. I got dope features from Rhode Island’s illest Kee WordzJon Blaq, Da Sorcerorz, Ghost Dog, Cuttthroat Smitty  and many more

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