Saturday, February 22, 2014

Honest Living by Supastition

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     Supastition, one of the few artists that stays true to himself, never fails to disappoint, and will continuously eclipse his previous work. The latest project brought to us by one of the best underground rappers around, is the EP titled Honest Living which is entirely produced by Croup. This album is dedicated to working class and could easily be one of the most relatable hip-hop albums around as Supa discusses tough matters like doing what you love and still being able to provide for you and yours. Without question he's one of the elite emcees to come out of (my home state) North Carolina and that says a lot when some big names such as J Cole, Phonte, Rapsody and more are also from the Tar Heel state. This album also serves as a reminder to the hip-hop community that he is back and here to stay as this is his second project since his three year hiatus.

     Lyrically, Supa is the cream of the crop. His music has never been about doing whats popular with media, but whats popular with him and his life. He is all about great music and Honest Living proves this true. The album takes you on a journey of his life and how times get tough for him as he juggles being a family man, artist, and working a reliable job. The thing listeners will enjoy is the way Supa presents all this information. He doesn't just say life is tough, he brings the listener into a scope of his world and this creates a truly unique listening experience. It really is a shame more people don't recognize Supastition as one of the better artists in hip-hop, he only makes great music.

     The one producer-one emcee combination is a beautiful thing...when done right. An entire concept album produced by Croup and the rapper as Supastition is a great example of what this combination should sound like. The unity throughout the album from track to track is unreal. It's something that may be overlooked by many of the ears this EP will reach, but it's the adhesive foundation that molds this album together so elegantly. Croup has a smooth and vibrant style as he creates stories with no words behind the boards. This is a duo I wouldn't mind hearing more from.

     Such a great release so early in the year. If you're not familiar with Supastition, expect lyrical hip-hop and boom bap beats with a bit of a flare. This album may not be for you if you want to hear club style bangers or high volume energy from track to track. This is the album you can cruise to while driving in the city, the album you listen to when you want to vibe out, the album that makes you understand good hip-hop. 

     My only gripe on this album comes from a lyric that I was displeased to hear. Supa stated "I’m Derrick Rose, your generic flows are more like Gerald Henderson" Being a die hard Charlotte Bobcats fan, this truly hurt. Am I denying that this comparison was pretty great? Not by any means, just hate to see players from my team be the butt of jokes in musical form. Otherwise, outstanding work by Supastition and Croup!

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